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The main area of expertise is the development of applications with vital and emerging technologies for business IT solutions. With this focus comes a wealth of knowledge that we apply to a range of business needs.

We advise our clients on a number of key areas including economical IT solutions, future IT strategy. Our consultants with their experience can point out your potential problems, areas of improvement and new development that would help your business achieve its full potential.

You may need advice on one specific project or your future IT strategy. Either way our consultants can put their experience to good use for you by carrying out a careful analysis.

We will charge for this consultation and provide you with a detailed report pointing out your potential problems, areas of improvement and new developments that would benefit you.
Taking a step by step approach, budget limitation may not be as restrictive as you might think. Not only your budget but also your staff may welcome a gradual transition to new technology. Our experience is that random purchases will never enable you to get the full benefit from your investment. Our policy is to make sure that every purchase is a positive step to a better system.

The one certain thing about information technology is that everything is changing and everything you buy will become obsolete eventually. No one can guarantee otherwise but we try to minimize the dilemma by offering solutions that are upgradeable or can be easily modified as per requirement. To ensure that we build expertise rather than simply acquiring it, we focus our implementation and research around the Microsoft platform and technologies.

Customer Testimonials

Skywell, London, UK
www.skywell.co.uk "As a veteran of many system development projects in my prior life as a management consultant, I was particularly impressed with the speed of implementation, the adaptability to change, the timely recommendations for improvements (or warnings of potential problems), the structured and easy-to-follow code and logic developed, and the willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure a successful project. Most of all I am impressed with the final results and dedication to go the extra mile. I can without a doubt say that your service was outstanding. We would highly recommend your services to anyone who wants to grow their business by creating a presence on the web or embarking software system development."

Mehwish Almas, Luton, UK
http://www.mehwishalmas.com "It was lovely working with Vital Soft. I am very much satisfied with the website and looking to do business again. I will recommened to everyone."

ASK Accountants
www.askaccountantsukltd.co.uk "I must say that Vital Soft were really professional from the very beginning. In my initial meeting with them they explained me about the whole procedure and also gave me very good suggestions. I would love to work with them in future and would highly recommend them."

Zaim Estates Ltd.
www.zaimestates.com "We found Vital Soft team very helpful from initial review to completion stage, They have send us template at each stage to approve and they amended as we desired. We found them very professional throughout. We will definitely use them in future."

Advanced Wireless Technology Group
www.awtg.co.uk "AWTG is very pleased with the quality of the work that Vital Soft have performed for us. Vital Soft came up with a number of creative designs using innovative ideas when redeveloping our website. We were so impressed with their work that we are now using Vital Soft for other software development projects. We would not hesitate to recommend them to other companies." .

Andy Brown Business Development Director

Zonzo Restaurant
www.zonzo-restaurant.co.uk "Vital Soft was very helpful in designing a website to meet our needs and we're very happy with the finished product. The website is beautiful and very easy to run. I would recommend Vital Soft to anyone wishing to develop a website." .

Many thanks, Zonzo Restaurant,
342 Edgware Road,
London W2 1EA

Mirch Masala Restaurant
www.mirchmasalarestaurant.co.uk/ "VitalSoft comes highly recommended by Mirch Masala they helped us create a very fetching on-line presence. Their help and experience allowed us to get a website that is both atractive and functional. Their friendly yet profesional approach is what sets them appart from others. We have an ongoing and long lasting relationship with them would gladly recommend them to others." .

Electronic Island UK
www.e-island.co.uk "I cannot rate Vital Soft highly enough. They are professional, knowledgeable and above all, friendly. They designed my Website so fascinating which I never thought before. I must appreciate them, because they have done each and every thing more than my expectation. I must congratulate Vital Soft, being so professional, marvelous, and so cooperative - that's really a service. I'd like to keep secret but won't hesitate to recommend them to any one who wish to make a marvelous Website."

Many Thanks
Yousuf Khan Director
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